Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Finding blaze and the monster machines

I have been all over the Place to find some decent videos for blaze and the monster Machines. Never to find it anywhere except Youtube which is great but there are so much crap you can't really find the good stuff.

My kids love blaze so therefore I find it fun to look for those type of videos. It's a lot better than those games they tend to play every now and then. But still it's nice to just let them do their thing.
Anyway blaze is some type of monster truck from nickelodeon I Think and all the kids love Blaze. He goes around saving his friends from some badass monstertruck evil guy who want's to well probably take over the World or something like that. That is most often the case of evil people and in this case cars in kids series.

If anyone have any other good suggestions on where to find new blaze and the monster machine episodes except these one I already know of please be so kind and share!

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